Scholarship In India

Study in India, with the help of the following Indian ministries - the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is offering 2000 scholarships worth US $3500 each every year. Every meritorious student that has been offered this scholarship by SII shall receive it for a maximum period:

  • of 5 years for undergraduate integrated courses;
  • of 3 or 4 years for undergraduate courses, according to the course duration;
  • of 2 years for postgraduate courses;
  • or, till the completion of this course, whichever is lesser.

Please note, scholarships are only available for the above listed categories, and not for Ph.D, M.Phil and Doctoral level courses.
To apply for this scholarship, students should have registered with SII, completed an application on our and been admitted into SII-partnered institutions. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of the following:

  • Students should have had a meritorious academic history in his / her secondary school, higher secondary school, and / or latest academic qualification.
  • Students from the given list of countries may appear for the Ind-SAT exam that is conducted by the SII team, and a merit list would be generated for the second-wave of shortlisting.
  • According to the country-wise allocated quota and other criterion, the final shortlisted will be contacted by the SII team.